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Gallery Two has one of the largest, and most unique, collections of contemporary art for sale in the north west. Featuring the latest works from Michelle Mackie, Emma Gibbons and the Connor Brothers, this gallery shouldn’t be missed.

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Contemporary art for sale

The collection of contemporary art is updated weekly and features both original and limited edition contemporary art prints from a collection of artists who aren’t stocked in many galleries outside of London.

A highly collectable name in Gallery Two is The Connor Brothers, who juxtapose pin-up images of women with block colour and deadpan pieces of text. As well as exhibiting in London, Berlin, New York, LA and Sydney, they are available from Gallery Two in Windermere. We currently have two very rare pieces – Tell Me Beautiful Untrue Things and Every Saint Has a Past and Every Sinner Has a Future.

Emma Gibbons is an up-and-coming artist who is definitely worth watching. Having worked with Damien Hirst for seven years, she honed her craft making stunning contemporary art from miniature components which are both intricate and, often, precious materials. We have a number of pieces of her contemporary art for sale.

Another artist to mention is Ukrainian-born Andre Protsouk, who has a style unlike any other of the contemporary artworks on display in Gallery Two. Using straight, angular lines within his pieces, he has coined this technique “Fine Line.” It shows his classical art training and his subjects balance a Ukrainian background from the 1960s with a western way of life.


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