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Digital art for sale from the UK's most exciting contemporary artists. Buy digital art online or experience in person at Gallery2, including works by Michelle Mackie and JJ Adams.

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Digital art for sale

Digital art used to refer to work that was made using a computer rather than by hand. However, today’s digital artists have taken this a stage further and incorporate other types of media within their works as well. We have a number of the UK’s most collectable and desirable digital artists within Gallery Two.

Michelle Mackie is a digital artist and a visual storyteller creating stunning works which look to be inspired by fairytales and have a beautiful, yet hauntingly ethereal feel to them. The latest digital art for sale from Michelle, includes her Never Ending Story, which is the last digital art print in this limited edition run in the north west.

JJ Adams is one of the UK’s most talked-about and collected artists with a number of his digital art prints available within Gallery Two. Instantly recognisable with his unique style where he takes recognisable landmarks or objects, celebrities and other artworks and completely transforms them. Using multimedia, his approach blurs the lines between new media pop, fine art, digital art and photography.

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