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Displaying the highest quality original art by oil painters from around the country covering plein air landscapes and still life’s by members of the ROI and MAFA

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Back to the City Exhibition

This brand new exhibition follows the artists as they return to the streets of major towns and cities after the pandemic with renewed vigour and appreciation. Their work captures some of the most iconic views, designs and man-made structures, as well as the changing light and atmosphere as people return to the city. Artists on show will include the latest prize-winners from the highly-acclaimed annual exhibition of the prestigious Royal Institute of Oil Painters, one of the highest accolades in British art. They will include award-winning members of the illustrious ‘Northern Boys’ painting group, such as Michael Ashcroft, ROI, as well as leading members of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI), along with Manchester Academy of Fine Arts (MAFA), which dates back to 1859 and ranks L.S. Lowry among its former members.

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