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There’s some unique graffiti art for sale within Gallery 2, which will appeal to existing fans of graffiti art as well as those who haven’t come across it before, featuring Yuvi and Mr Brainwash.

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Graffiti art for sale

Gallery2 offers both original works and graffiti art prints for sale from a selection of up-and-coming and highly collectable artists.

One artist who combines graffiti art with pop culture is Yuvi. He has exhibited and found collectors throughout the world and his graffiti art is highly sought after. Including galleries in USA, Milan, Hong Kong and Dubai, Gallery Two at the Windermere Fine Art Gallery is also lucky enough to offer his graffiti art for sale.

He will capture your imagination with his vibrancy incorporating superheroes, scientists, movie starts and animals. The collection needs to be viewed to be appreciated properly as there are so many layers and intricacies in his work.

Another artist on offer is Mr Brainwash, who truly leapt to fame (along with Banksy) with his groundbreaking footage from the Academy-nominated film, Exit Through The Gift Shop. The documentary showed the evolution of the graffiti art movement and brought this style of art more into the mass arena. We have his latest work, Drip Flowers, available in Gallery Two. This piece combines Van Gogh with Andy Warhol in a unique take on art history.


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