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If you’re looking for urban art for sale from the UK’s most collectable and up-and-coming artists then you’re in the right place. Explore our collection at Gallery2.

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Urban art for sale

We have a large collection of urban art for sale, including a range of pieces from Dan Pearce. Having been described recently as one of the UK’s most collectable emerging artists, it’s well worth stopping by to see our collection. Working in mixed media, Dan takes his inspiration from pop and street art juxtaposed with fine art to create vibrant, exciting pieces. Many of his urban art includes famous portraits or images from other artworks layered up with various images to create collages that are stunning to view.

Hue Folk is a collective of young artists who have been brought together by their love of urban art, typography and graphic design. They all work together on each piece creating mash-ups of well-known imagery, text, spray paint, graphics and more. Our collection of urban art prints of The Queen is highly desirable in her platinum jubilee year.

Keith McBride is another creator of urban art available at Gallery Two. His more recent pieces are also collages in style and inspired by the streets of London incorporating typography and well-known iconic imagery, people or logos.


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